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Spain X Reader - The Tango~


It was in the middle of gym class, when one of your friends came up to you and asked how to dance the Tango. At first, you were bewildered, like no one comes up to someone and asks them how to dance... the Tango on top of that!


"___________~" your friend called to you. "Can you teach me? Pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeee?" As your friend annoyingly dragged out the word, she had gotten on her knees to prove how desperate she was.


You sighed. "Fine… but, you owe me" Psshhhh~ who said you were gonna do this for free?


"Okay, when should we start?" you asked as you stepped over to her. "Ohhhhh, Can you come over tonight?" (BF NAME) asked eagerly.


"Fine...... as long as there's food." You grumbled a bit irritated.  Today was a Friday night, and you weren't going to get out of the house for nothing.... except for getting SOME food. You did almost anything for food. And lucky for you, your body just.... wouldn't get fat. You had a high metabolism and, you danced… So, for you, it was a win win situation. Your friend gets to learn the Tango, and you get free food. Fair deal, no?

"Great!!" your friend squealed as she glomped you. Soon, you found yourself on the floor… Luckily for you she actually helped you up.


~Time skip~

(At BFF's House)

(Your POV)


"Alright…. So, when are we gonna start?" (BFF'S NAME) asked, when I stepped in the house. "Now." I told her simply while taking of my jacket, since it WAS winter. Since we were gonna dance, I told her to wear something she could move in easily. As for me, I was still in my school clothes due to 'emergency practice' as she called it. So, all in all I was wearing (I get to pick out your clothes, MWAHAHAHAHAHA~!) an oversized sweater, a pair of short 'dress shorts' with a chain and some tights under it, long knee-high socks, and knee-high Docs (Yes, I own this outfit XD and I made you look hot in this fic, thank me XD)). 'After practice, I'll get food. Hang in there stomach.' I reassured myself as I followed (BFF'S NAME) through her house and down in the basement. 


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